My Story

My Story

Hello, my name is Bernard, and I am the owner of Rockin’ It DJs which I have been running as an independently owned-operated business since 1983. I have been a music lover and collector since my teenage years. My life as a DJ began when my friends and family pestered me for copies of my mixed tapes for their parties back in the late 1970s. Since then, very little has changed for me.
DJ Bernard Moore

  • I still listen to music because I love it.
  • I still use records and turntables because of the warm sound they produce.
  • I still use CDs because of their superior digital quality.
  • I still have eclectic tastes and buy all different types of music.
  • I still DJ because it’s still lots of fun.
  • I still get pestered by my friends and famliy.

Here are the services my company provides:


The majority of my business is providing music and mood at all types of wedding receptions. I work with you through every step of the planning process and program. I am an experienced MC with a wonderful baritone voice and an endearing sense of charm. My job is to ensure that you can kick back and have a great time while I keep the party going and the spirits high.

I treat your wedding reception with the respect it deserves by: setting up early, testing my equipment ahead of time, having back-up equipment available, dressing professionally and working in unison with the caterer, photographer and other professionals.

Private Parties

Are you looking for a terrific birthday, anniversary, or office party? Rockin’ It DJs can create the party that you want. Whether you are planning to rent a club, church basement, ballroom, loft, bar, restaurant or phone booth, I can spin any and every type of event. Club, Lounge, Hip Hop, Oldies/Retro, Cutting Edge, Latin, or anything different and unique.

Sound Reinforcement

Rockin’ It DJs also provides PA for speaking programs, small bands and performers.

I am experienced in sound technician and regularly provide sound for wedding ceremonies and parties that I share with singers, bands and other performers.

Here are things that my company does not provide:

  • I am not an entertainer, crowd motivator or dance coordinator.
    I do lively MCing and always let the music do the talking.
  • I do not have a gigantic sign or table with my company logo on it.
    I find that a bit tacky. It’s your event, I am not nor should I be the center of attention.
  • I do not do stand up comedy at your wedding or event.
    I do have a wonderful sense of humor but I also show good judgment at your fun, intimate event.
  • I do not play a lot of “cheesy” music. I try not to get swept up in the fads and hype of our very challenged music industry.