How much does it cost to have the party of your life?

Rockin’ It DJs is a fully insured, registered, professional small business. It is also only a part-time business. This gives you a couple advantages.

I do this as a profession but not as a full-time living. This means you never have to worry about the pressure of Big Sell when you talk to me. The goal is for you to match the right DJ for your event. If my business is not the right fit for your party, no one will starve and life will go on.

I have been a professional Disc Jockey for all these years because I love the music, I love creating joyous occasions and I am still having lots of fun. I enjoy making all the extra cash which goes to maintaining my free-hearted, shake-up the world life style. But please know that I am not motivated by, nor live just for money. Which means I am flexible and willing to work out a fair price based on your budget. Besides, everyone knows the old saying: “ Money is the root canal of all evil!” So we shouldn’t let it stand in the way having a smashing party.

When you hire me you get me. No bait and switch here. I am the DJ for your event. I will not drop you in order to make more money somewhere else.

I also work with and have access to a whole crew of diverse, professional, top of the line disc jockeys to who I can refer to you if I am not available or if I am not the right fit.

I’m actually quite affordable. My rates vary, depending on these factors:

  • Is the wedding in the New York Metropolitan Area?
  • Is the travel more than one hour away?
  • Are you paying for this out your own pocket?
  • Is this event a fundraiser?
  • Is this event for a progressive political cause?
  • How elaborate is the setup you need?
  • Is there free parking?
  • Are there stairs to climb?
  • Are you a referral from a previous client?
  • Do you have a filthy rich benefactor?
  • Do I have to stay overnight?
  • Does this event require multiple set ups
    (e.g. A sound system for a ceremony and a party)?

My rates are for the hours I actually play with a three hour minimum.

Please note, I am not the cheapest nor the most expensive DJ you’ll ever meet. But if you are renting your reception hall for like, a million dollars or so, I would advise you not look to me or any other DJ as a way to balance your event budget. After all you do get what you pay for.

So talk to me. I’m very reasonable and probably too much of a nice guy. I look forward to hearing from you.