“Music in your Heart—Memories for the Soul”

Mission Statement

It’s your party! Rockin’ It DJ’s success is based on spinning the best music and mixing together the songs which you tell us are significant. We create the ambiance and vibe that you choose for your event. Our commitment to every client is that we listen to you in order to make your party unique and amazing.

What type of party are you looking to have?

Elegant? Foot Stomping? Romantic? Cutting Edge? Traditional? Eclectic? Hip? Cool? Retro? Relaxed? Intense? Unique? Fun?

Or maybe a little bit of all of these things?

Every wedding, birthday party, holiday throw-down or festive get together should have it’s own distinguishing characteristics. Every party should be fun and exciting, but no two parties should ever be alike. This is the trademark of Rockin’ It DJs. We have been in the professional DJ music business since 1983 and we continue to grow, evolve and excel. We treat each party as it’s own unique event by mixing and matching the two most absolutely perfect songs at the most optimal moment to tap into the hearts, minds and souls of every person on the dance floor.

As professional DJs we know that your event is extremely important and personal. Your hard earned money shouldn’t be wasted on canned, boring, cheesy DJ routines that lack both life and humanity. Our goal is for you to have a great time, which means that we provide the best music, the right atmosphere and work to raise the energy level up through the roof and into the stars. A great party is about experiencing the music that is meaningful to you. A great party is about having a DJ who will spin the tunes that will make you tingle and shake, just like you did the first time you heard them. If this is the type of party you are looking for, you’ve come to the right place.

My name is Bernard, I am the owner of Rockin’ It DJs. Read on to learn about what my company can offer to you.