Music and Samples

Music and Samples

Rockin’ It DJ’s Club and Pop Dance Mix by Rockin’ It DJs on Mixcloud

Rockin’ It DJ’s Retro Dance Mix 1 by Rockin’ It DJs on Mixcloud

Rockin’ It DJ’s Cocktail Mix 1 by Rockin’ It DJs on Mixcloud

Rockin’ It DJ’s Dinner Groove Mix 1 by Rockin’ It DJs on Mixcloud

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We are about the Music

Rockin’ It DJs reputation is built on our love and knowledge of music. We revive emotions that run the gamut from sheer joy to endearing sadness. A good party will bring back distinct memories and create new ones for you to store away in your emotional hard drive. Thanks to the Internet, every DJ now has access to pretty much any song available. So please keep in mind, having music and KNOWING music are completely different notions. Just because you can find it does not mean you understand how it fits. Rockin’ It DJs’ essence and identity is about feeling the energy of your party and working it to greater heights. This takes skill, knowledge, creativity and love.

Eclectic is the word.

We collect and play all styles of music from the 1940s to the newest chart hits. Our tastes run deep and wide and we have expertise in numerous genres. You name it, we probably have it. The key to a good music collection is variety. Our stuff expands both the globe and time. It is traditional while at the same time cutting edge. The Rockin’ It DJs music collection is made up of a room full of records and miles of CDs.

Our collection consists of:

The 40s 50s and 60s – the Golden Era and the Oldies
Stax, Motown, Rare Soul Cuts, Blues, 50s, Doo Wop, British Invasion, Early American Rock ‘n’ Roll, American Pop Standards, and Back Seat Make Out Tunes

The 70s
Disco, Funk, R & B, New Wave, Cross over Dance, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Philly Sound, Album Rock. Jam Bands, Atlantic Records, Pop Tunes, 12″ Single Cuts, Hustle and Saturday Night Fever Disco Era

The 80s
Classic Rock, Club, Dance, Rock, Alternative, Old School Hip Hop, 12″ Remixes, R & B, New Age. New Wave, New Jack Swing, One Hit Wonders, Pop Music, Punk, Reggae, and Between the Sheets Slow Jams

Jazz and Swing
American Standards, Lindy, Foxtrot, Western Swing, Modern Swing, Big Band, Be Bop, Ragtime, Latin Jazz, Dixieland, Bossa Nova, Lounge, Cocktail and Bachelor Pad

Latin and World
Salsa, Reggae, Meringue, Soca, Dancehall, Dub, Brazilian, African, World Lounge, Six Degrees, Putumayo, and Real World

The 90s
Club Favorites, Top 40, Electronica, Techno, Modern Rock, Ambient, Hip hop, R & B, House, DOR, Rock, Trip Hop, Chart Toppers, Pop, Alternative Rock, and Chill Out

And of course all of the newest sounds from 2000 until now.

Speciality Stuff
Message and Political Music, Modern and Traditional Irish Music, Traditional, and Modern Brazilian, Modern and Retro French, Winter Holiday Music, Black History Jams, and The World’s Most Distinguished Collection of Love Songs.

Each party we work with you to choose the music that you want to hear and the songs that you request. Then it is up us to put it together so you can groove the time away.

Cheesy is for pizza…

Here is what I don’t have:
I tend not to have or collect anything that is outright corny and played out. I own the popular line dances and things like that, but to be honest, many of my clients hire me because I successfully avoid playing that stuff.

At the risk of sounding snobby and judgmental, there are just a few genres that just have not worked their way into my collection:
Bad lip synched pop music, songs by people who have no talent but have great marketing skills, international pop music, country music, folk music and reggaeton.

I am not saying the music listed above is bad, some of these song sell in the millions and clearly have a following. All I am saying is I don’t really have a background with these particular styles of music and I would not be able to do you justice if you enjoy this stuff.

This isn’t about taste or a value judgment, it is about the music I know best and recognizing that I can’t (nor do I want to) do it all.

We still play records and CDs:
Technology has changed the way we listen to music. Most of the songs we want are just a download away. This is great in terms of accessibility and convenience but have clear challenges in terms of sound quality. The preferred format for digital music is MP3 which is a compression system that reduces the number of bytes in a song. Anytime you compress a song, you will lose some of its quality, which is the trade off for the ability to fit it in your pocket with 50,000 other songs. MP3s can actually sound quite respectable, especially with headphones.

But do MP3s sound as warm as records? Do they sound as sharp as CDs? We think not, which is why we at Rockin’ It DJs will always prefer to use records first, CDs second and MP3 after that.

There a number of good reasons why DJs like us still use records.
First, records produce a sound that is not matched by CDs or downloaded music. Vinyl has a warmth like no other recording medium. You can feel the soul and live the history each time the needle drops into the groove.

Secondly, when it comes to mixing, turntables still have no peer. The new DJ controllers are fantastic (yes, I own a unit for web recordings) but it still comes down to your skill. Whether you plan to mix beats, slip cue or scratch, vinyl is the best format to make these techniques come alive.

Third, compression is a blessing but it is a problem. MP3s and similar formats are great for portable use. Unfortunately this type of music can at times struggle on expensive professional sound equipment. The highs and the lows are mushed down during the MP3 mixing process. This can make the music sound tinny on professional loud speakers whereas on headphones the music will sound quite excellent.

Lastly, I own thousands of records, if I don’t play them they get bored and tend to start trouble.