Frequently Asked Questions

    • Do you have liability insurance?

Yes, my company has the industry standard one million dollars of liability insurance coverage.

    • What do you wear to gigs?

My DJ partner and I dress in sharp dark suits. I normally look better than the groom. On occasion we are asked to dress business casual and sometime dressy casual. We are always dressed to fit your event.

    • How do we go about selecting the music for our event?

This is a very crucial part of the planning process as the music is the determining factor of whether the party swings or snores. You and I will work as a team to discuss factors as: demographic, the vibe that you want, the songs you really like, the types of music you and your family enjoy and the specific programs for cocktail hour, dinner and the reception.
This process is fluid and dynamic and is more than just building a checklist. I can work with or without a play-list. You get to decide on the music that you want, I have the pleasure of figuring out how it comes to life.

    • Will my guests be able to request music that I hate?

Your guest can ask me for any song that they like. Now, whether I play it or not is a whole other matter. The determining factor is the music program that we discussed and decided on. Many times wedding guests have come up with really excellent suggestions and they are obviously motivated and want to have fun. I try to work with folks and do my best to fit their songs in as long as it fits the plan for the night. If a guest asks for a song that is on the no-play list, then that song probably has zero chance of being played. If a guest REALLY insists on a song, I will inform you of their desire and you have the power to approve or veto. After that there are no appeals.

    • What is your FEMA plan? (Or what do you do to keep stuff from going bad?)

Rockin’ It DJs is a owner-run small business, but is it also a two person operation. If I unexpectantly fell ill, my regular DJ partner Luis would show up with one of our back-up professional DJs (most times this is Darick). The plan, program and song list would be passed on to these long time, experienced professionals.

In terms of potential equipment malfunction, we always have extra gear at every gig. For example we always have two amps, one for the main speakers and another for the sub-woofer even though we can actually run all of the speakers easily through one amp. My whole system is designed this way. I carry multiple music input sources along with extra wires, cords, gadgets and plugs.

My equipment is checked before each gig as I believe prevention is the best medicine.

    • I’m having my wedding in Iceland, can you make it? (Or do you travel outside the NYC area?)

Yes. I do play outside of the greater NYC area. If travel is more than an hour from New York City then we would negotiate a travel fee. The factors that determine the cost of the travel fee are actually: distance, time of travel (holiday weekend or another day of high volume of traffic) and the end time of the gig. On occasion my clients have provided lodging for gigs. I try to keep these cost as low as possible.

    • When do you arrive for set up? Do you charge for set-up?

I normally arrive 60 to 90minutes before your event begins. If I am playing at a venue that is new to me I will do a site visit beforehand.

    • Do you play well with others? (Or how do you coordinate with caterer, photographer, video folks wedding planner, etc)

Yes. I am a team player. I am in regular contact with the wedding planner prior to the event and I coordinate with other wedding professionals during the event. Everyone has a job and responsibility and if we all do our part your day will turn our spectacular.

    • Do you take a break during the night?

Never. My DJ partner and I take turns eating when our vendor meals are available.

    • What do we have to do to book you?

After meeting and having our discussions, if you decide to hire my company all you have to do is sign a contract. Once we have a signed contract your date is set in stone. I will never cancel on you to take another gig for more money. I will never double-book another event that conflicts with yours.

When a deposit is necessary it is 20% of the cost.

    • What are the options available to pay for your services?

I take check, cash and PayPal.